Will making use of an independent therapist prevent me from accessing NHS speech and language therapy?
No, many parents and/or individuals who need speech and language therapy access both independent and NHS therapy at the same time.  These services are not designed to be in competition or contradictory to each other, but rather to work complimentary and optimise results.

Will I have to wait long for an appointment?
Appointments are made as soon as possible following agreement to accept a new client.  The time between accepting a client and the first appointment will usually be between 1-2 weeks depending on caseload volumes.

Who will you share information with?
Any information received during assessment and/or therapy sessions are treated confidentially and will only be shared with other professionals with your signed consent.  It is highly recommended that information is shared between independent therapists and NHS therapists if a client is accessing both services. I comply with child protection protocols, which legally obliges me to document and report and concerns for a child’s welfare and safety.  

Can I pay for my own/my child’s sessions through private medical insurance?
Many private medical insurance companies will pay for speech and language therapy. If you are planning to use your medical insurance, it is highly recommended that you check that speech therapy is covered by your provider.  I will also ask that invoices be settled with NPSLTS Ltd. directly and fees be claimed back from your provider.